Cord Blood Regulatory T Cell Therapeutics

Our lead product CK0801 delivers clinically meaningful doses of cord blood regulatory T cells to overcome immune dysfunction.

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Cellenkos is an early stage clinical biotechnology company that focuses on umbilical cord blood derived T-regulatory cellular therapies for treating autoimmune diseases and inflammatory disorders.

Ic protects v1

T-REGs protect the body from attack of T cells

Regulatory T cells (T-REGS) suppress inflammation and combat T cells and other compartments of the immune system from attacking our body.

Defective T-REGS lead to autoimmune diseases

Defective T-REGs can no longer protect the body from the harmful effect of T cells which lead to certain autoimmune diseases including lupus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory disorders like Crohn’s disease and bone marrow failure syndromes like aplastic anemia.

Ic defective v1
Ic defends v1

CK0801 is first in class, cord blood derived regulatory T cell product

Clinically manufactured using the Cellenkos’ proprietary platform, CK0801 shows superior T cell suppression and anti-inflammatory properties.

CK0801 overcomes existing T-REG defect

CK0801 infusion replaces the defective T-REGs and protects the body from T cell attack.

Ic replaces v1
Ic restores v1

CK0801infusion leads to disease control

By preventing T cell attack against one’s own body, CK0801 restores immune homeostasis. This leads to disease control.